Circlip Pliers - Electronics

Circlip Pliers - Electronics

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About this item

Magadh Hand Tools specialises in manufacturing heavy duty hand tools. Circlip pliers for the electronics industry is one of them. It is made of heavy duty steel with non-slip PVC dip coated handle. Our organisation over the years have successfully expanded across India, by providing quality hand tools for different industries.


  • For electronic industry it has solid style and drop forged.
  • It has Non-slip, highly precision tips suitable for electronic industries.
  • All circlip pliers are anti-rust protected.
  • It comes with chrome vanadium heavy-duty steel for long lasting.
  • For better operations, it has non-slip PVC dip coated handle.
Part Code Description Size SBP MCB Price / PCS. (₹)
MG / 07 / 5AE Circlip Pliers - Electronics (Ext. - St.) 135mm / 5" 10 120 256
MG / 07 / 5BE Circlip Pliers - Electronics (Ext. - Bt.) 135mm / 5" 10 120 256