Circlip Pliers Set

Circlip Pliers Set

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About this item

Magadh Hand Tools manufactures the best quality of Circlip pliers in India. Our quality of circlip pliers in unmatched, which are drop forged and made of chrome vanadium heavy duty steel, completely anti-rust, non slip with solid tips. The Non-slip PVC dip coated handle makes it easy and reliable to use. The circlip pliers set contains the different circlip pliers that the company manufactures. 


  • Circlip pliers has solid style and drop forged.
  • They are non slippery and has solid tips.
  • It comes with anti-rust Protection.
  • All pliers are manufactured with chrome vanadium heavy - duty steel.
  • It has non-slip PVC dip coated handle.
  • We designed a convenient tool bag for circlip pliers set.
  • Generally Conforming to IS : 7989-1976 (Int.), 7990-1976 (Ext.).
Part Code Description Size No. of Pcs. Price / PCS. (₹)
MG / 07S / 5 Circlip Pliers
External (Straight + Bent)
Internal (Straight + Bent)
135mm / 5" 4 Pcs. Set 1015
MG / 07S / 7 Circlip Pliers
External (Straight + Bent)
Internal (Straight + Bent)
175mm / 7" 4 Pcs. Set 1100
MG / 07S / 5-7 Circlip Pliers
External (Straight)
Internal (Straight)
135mm / 5"
175mm / 7"
4 Pcs. Set 1055